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MARCH 22nd, 2020

Old School Square, Delray Beach

Calling all wellness brands looking to spread their message of love, compassion, mindfulness, and sustainability!

Learn Together, Grow Together.

At MindBody Expo, we want to provide our community with quality products and services to facilitate their journey into wellbeing. We pride ourselves with providing our vendors with the support they need to be successful at our events. Last year, we attracted over 4,000 attendees looking to enhance their health! Thanks to our new additions, we are expecting to host over 6,000 people for the upcoming 7th annual event. To learn more about our compelling speakers, activities, and happenings, please explore through the link below. 

We take our partnerships very seriously and want to provide our sponsors with the best service and our attendees with quality resources!

If you would like to join us, please book a discovery call so we can better assist you. 

In order to maintain quality, we do not have an online registration portal available.

Please book a discovery call or email us to register

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