Emilia Lujan 

President & CEO  

Emilia Lujan is a passionate and knowledgeable young woman whose mission is to heal the world through her knowledge and experience in enhancing your body and mind. Through her new partnership with MindBody Expo, her mission is to guide people through a transformative experience so that they can flourish and get one step closer to a life full of true love, compassion, and endless inspiration. Emilia utilizes her background in PR, Advertising, Event Planning and Media Production to educate others on how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Sandra Tribioli


Sandra's real life breakthrough started when diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002. These terrible news empowered her to take charge of her own health, giving her the drive and passion by taking her nutrition education to the next level and receiving her training in holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC. Her passion lies in building communities and creating a positive impact in the lives of others while continuing to spread wellness and wholesome lifestyles everywhere possible through multiple platforms including MindBody Expo.


Stephene Klein

Director of Public Relations

Stephene Klein, MPH, MBA, is a resident of Boca Raton, FL, and healthy lifestyle advocate.  Stephene’s passion is helping positively transform lives by encouraging others to live life on purpose, with intention and excellence.  She owns and operates Designed II Simplify (DTS) and specializes in Marketing Strategy and Consulting for both entrepreneurs and corporations within the health, wealth and wellness niche.  Stephene is Senior Vice President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (Boca Raton Chapter).


Josmar Tejeda 

Director of Business Development

Ambitious, bilingual  Organization Development Practitioner and  Energy Kinesiologist, Josmar has 9+ years of experience in leadership coaching and 10+ years in multimedia creation. Known to transform workplace culture, Josmar has helped enhance business processes, and sustain productivity during change management operations. He is passionate about designing holistic plans that inspire personal, professional, and organizational development. 


Nestor Correa

Director of Media

Bi-Lingual Creative Director/Photographer with extensive experience in digital creative design, with an, emphasize on marketing, advertising and broadcast design. Proven marketing and promotions performance in Broadcast,  and Business-to-Business sectors. Nestor is joining forces with MindBody Expo to bring to you quality content for everyone to enjoy. He will be working closely with us to create story highlights for our sponsors, partners, and influencers.  


Kristen Connell

Events Coordinator

Kristen’s journey to her best health began when she lived in a toxic environment in her family home.   She voraciously began researching how to improve her health via everything that was ON, IN & AROUND her family beginning with food, water & a new home. Her unique vision & passion for event planning & design has driven her forward to share her knowledge with those outside her family to help them with achieving their best event in life; the path to ideal health.  


Olga Manguno

Community Outreach Ambassador

After a successful career in Corporate America, Olga realized her real passion and purpose was to inspire and help others to transform their lifestyles to achieve balance & happiness. A wife and a mom with a  mission to prevent and heal disease through nutrition along with her trainings in Holistic Health and Gut Health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) have empowered her to guide family, friends and community.


Becca Tebon

Director of Movement Zone

Sickly at birth (pulmonary, digestive and skeletal), Becca set out on a determined course to heal herself from all the meds (and docs) upon entering college. Tebon reached peak health and vitality in her early 40’s, 20 years later. she has since devoted her time to becoming a certified holistic health & life coach, a as well as, has earned a variety of high performance fitness coaching certifications over the past 38 years.

Seen on CNBC, NBC, FOX sharing how to close the gaps on 50 personal archetypes (areas) that embody people’s health and happiness, Becca also was featured at an OPRAH Retreat teaching fitness.