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Therapies that surpass beauty injection, supplements, and surgeries

Updated: Feb 26

The world today is full of short-cut methods like injections and surgeries to beautify oneself. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are a plethora of options. But all of them come with some form of drawbacks or side-effects. You invest consistently and eventually feel like your body is giving out.

Your body is self-sufficient in beautifying itself. There are several natural processes available that you can employ.

These therapies work thoroughly on your body to naturally tone you while offering several health benefits. Some of these best options are:


Cryotherapy increases the recovery time of the body and reduces inflammation. With the secretion of anti-inflammatory agents, you combat pain in any part of your body.

Furthermore, your energy levels are elevated, and you receive a better-toned body with weight loss leisures. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then it enhances athletic performance. For beauty aspects? Apart from recovery, it enhances collagen production for healthy hair, skin, joints, and much more. It also reduces cellulite.


Cryosculpting primarily targets fat cells around your body. Therefore, it is a great option for those seeking healthy measures to destroy the fat cells and reveal a contoured, flawless body. More importantly, you can target any part of your body to tone it. There is no pain, and no need to undergo a recovery period either.

Infrared Stretching Therapy:

It improves the body’s flexibility and elasticity. Stretching releases stress and tension from the body and improves blood circulation further. All of these benefits are amplified when infrared is used with stretching therapy. You undergo natural detoxification that improves your body’s health at the cellular level. An infrared sauna can burn as much as 600 calories and improve metabolism, as well.


Similar to stretching, massaging any part of your body will always bear positive results. Improving blood circulation, loosening up muscle tissues, and enhancing the recovery from any injury are some of the vital benefits of stretching. It is a great method to tone your body better and offer it a healthy complexion and promote glow. The stiffness in your body will be cured, and you will find better body balance and improved strength. Massage is one of the best natural therapies for beautification.

Compression Boots:

If you’re looking to get rid of cellulite or tighten the loose skin after pregnancy or intensive weight loss, Compression Boots are one of the best options. With better blood circulation and improved detoxification, the compression boots will work on the natural points to promote healthy growth for better skin composition, bodily composition, and much more.

Get Yourself an Exceptional Service

Delray Beach Cryo is one of the next-generation beauty lounges that can offer you these options. In addition, they offer cupping, hypervolt, localized cryo for dogs, Wim Hof breathing techniques and amazing services from an aesthetician including eyelash extensions and waxing!

They work from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM. There are many feasible deals they offer such as 2 whole body cryotherapy for $59 or 1 whole body cryo combined with a massage session at the same price. Furthermore, new discounts and specials can be seen every month, especially for regular customers. For more information, you can call them on 561-403-5470.


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